Southborough Nature Watch


tasty leaves

forest school site 2

Forest school fox

Can you identify the Owl?

Deer in forest school

a new visitor to Forest school

Spotted on school ground visiting forest school

Our resident Jay

Forest school

Can you see who took it?

So finally we got it all back in pieces!

Where is our camera now?

Something clearly thinks its a toy!

Who stole our camera?

Oh dear! After searching I finally found the camera a little battered but still working.

The new member of our school

Our incredibly shy baby fox. He was very unsure of the camera.

Couldn't resist another clip of this beautiful creature

Our resident badger

Snuffling around in the leaves looking for food

Forest school residents

Another family

Inquisitive squirrel

Busy little squirrel in Forest School

School field fox

We have identified another family of foxes

How many squirrels can you see?

Difficult to spot, squirrels playing in the morning sun

8th May Now you see me, now you don't!

Can you see who were playing in Forest School this morning?

4th May Our resident fox

Exploring in the afternoon sun

28th April 16.42

We have identified 2 different families of foxes living in the school grounds, however this family have a routine of the time of day they pass the camera

27th April 16.36

Can you find what set the camera off?

Can you see what it is?

A nosy visitor getting up close to inspect the infra-red detector on the camera. We can't tell what it is. If you think you know, you can tell Mrs. Shaw

Forest School

A Jay visiting Forest School and enjoying the sun

Southborough Nature Watch

Latest videos from the Schools outdoor video cameras captured in the grounds of the school.